Leadership Team
The Leadership Team is Jim & Pat, Richard, Kath, Yvonne and Tony - a group of Christians committed to the furtherance of the mission of Service in English in the Creuse.
They seek to exercise consultative leadership in all matters and welcome feedback, questions 
and comments, so don't hesitate to talk to any one of them!
Jim & Pat Scott   e-mail:  [email protected]  tel:  0555 675 478
  Richard Gunston  e-mail:  [email protected]  tel:  0555 411 827
From left to right:  Tony, Yvonne and Kath

Tony  e-mail:  [email protected]  tel:  0988664443
Kath  e_mail:  [email protected]      tel:  0604412664
Pastoral Care
As part of the ministry of Service in English, we believe it is right as Christian believers to
love and support each other (Galatians 6.2) - it is a ministry of presence, responding to 
God's love, founded on faith and prayer, focusing on others through active listening, 
shared with and accountable to the Leadership Team.
Please contact a member of the Leadership Team for any  of your pastoral care needs

or if you have any questions about our Pastoral Care Ministry.
Prayer Chain
Service in English also has a Prayer Ministry and Hazel Marfleet is our Prayer Co-ordinator.
Please approach Hazel or any member of the Leadership Team with any request for prayer, 
and you can be assured that your request will be treated with the confidentiality, compassion 
and prayerful consideration that you desire. If, and only if, you are comfortable, Hazel has set up
a Prayer Chain, through which members of the Service in English leadership and fellowship will
offer prayers on your behalf. Hazel can be contacted in person at the Services in English on the 
second Sunday of each month, or by e-mail :   [email protected]